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North West Pharma Hub

Started in 2017, North West Pharma Hub has a strong foot-hold in Andheri and extended its reach to Virar region in 2020. NWPH is committed to meeting every requirement to meet your need. Despite being a newbie, with our varied networks of suppliers, we source, store, and supply an extensive range of pharma products. NWPH has achieved prominence in this industry soon after it’s inception.

Under the guidance of Mr. Hussain Patanwala, NWPH supplies life-saving drugs, antibiotics to cancer drugs and a vast range of injectables, oral and solids of 110+ pharmaceutical companies to more than 5000 retailers of Mumbai.

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In addition to 5000+ chemists, NWPH also covers well-known hospitals, renowned medical institutions and nursing homes across the city.

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with an extensive medical solution.